My name is Barb and I am the owner and crafter of Fairlane Avenue. Yes, I handcraft all the beautiful creations you will find on this site. I started Fairlane Avenue in 2018 when I had my fill of corporate America and realized life was too short to not do something you love.

I was born and raised in the Midwest in a farming community in the greater Chicago area. I was 3 months old when my parents built our little 3-bedroom house on Fairlane Avenue where I was raised with my 6 siblings. My mom, who is now 82 years old, sold our family home in December of 2019. They owned this home for 58 years!

It is the place I learned to sew as a young girl from my mom, Velda, and her mom, Grandma Bessie. I wanted to honor them in my business; thus, Fairlane Avenue was born! I am certain my parents believed in us kids more than any of us believed in ourselves.

I live in the Seattle, Washington area with my husband of 40 years, Mike. We’ve had the privilege of raising 3 kids who have grown up to be amazing human beings, whom I genuinely like and love! Mike, Ben, Chad and Anna are my biggest cheerleaders! Without them, I wouldn’t have the courage to step out and do this.  

Thank you for visiting Fairlane Avenue today and I hope you find something you love. If you don't find what your are looking for, send me an email at barb@fairlaneavenue.com and we will work together to create something you love. 

Barb Tatham